Nizar Magzoub (Niz)


As he would like to be called, Niz. Graduated from Western Sydney University with Masters of Podiatric Medicine. Niz believes a good podiatrist is the one who is reasonably well and knowledgeable in all aspects of podiatry. Niz has many hobbies, but what tops his list is travelling within Australia and abroad. He loves socializing and sharing ideas with his patients. He works for Shoalhaven Podiatry full-time. Make an appointment with him, especially if you are ready for a chat!

Dianne Lathbury


Dianne is our latest addition to the team of experts. She graduated from University of Plymouth (UK). Dianne worked for the NHS in the high-risk department for many years. Her level of expertise in the diabetic foot and other systemic diseases affecting the lower limbs is limitless and very broad. Dianne’s hobbies are keeping active, reading, and travelling. She has competed in various marathons in the UK and now looking to continue this hobby in Australia. She’s currently teaching herself play the guitar and thinks that’s funny. If you are planning on visiting UK or Europe, then you have no one better to ask than Dianne. Make an appointment with her today!

Bonnie Blackburn


Bonnie has been working for Shoalhaven Podiatry since 2018 after her graduation from Western Sydney University. She is known amongst her patients and colleagues with her humbleness and being soft speaken. She’s currently on a maternity leave with her first child – Hadrian. Bonnie’s special interest in Podiatry is diabetic foot and various skin conditions. Bonnie loves spending time with family and friends. Being a former professional photographer, she still does it as a hobbie. Bonnie is due back in July this year!

Amir Al-Salti


Amir graduated from Western Sydney University with Masters of Podiatric Medicine. Amir has a special interest in biomechanics and heel pain. He has a pet horse named ‘Sultan’ but unfortunately because of him (eats why too much) he only works 2 days with Shoalhaven Podiatry. Amir loves fishing, going on road trips, and spending time with family and friends. If horses are you favorite animal, then Amir would be your favorite podiatrist. Make an appointment with him today!

Jon Churchward


Jon graduated from Newcastle University with an honor’s degree in Podiatry. Jon believes in foot manipulation techniques to treat any biomechanical issue. His philosophy behind his treatments is fascinating and interesting with many great results in the past. Jon recently has been all over Europe in his motorhome and has many adventurous stories he can share with you. He likes exploring new places in his downtime and is a good guide for trips. If you are an active person with sports related injuries and want to get results then make an appointment with him!

Teena Bronzino

(Practice Manager)

Teena is our practice manager. Seriously without her, maybe this place will fall apart. She manages everything that is non-podiatric related. She ensures a smooth running of the practice, that patients are receiving the care they expect and deserve and above all a key team player making sure staff feel challenged, valued and supported. She has over 25 years in finance and business management with strong focus on helping people. Teena has many hobbies but what tops her list is history, reading and personal fitness. She’s interested in op shopping and sustainable living. What is funny about her? Apparently, she likes visiting cemeteries.

Jennifer Parkyn


Jen is the first happy face you will see when you come into the practice! She joined Shoalhaven Podiatry in 2017 and since then she knows every patient by name. She loves helping patients and tries her best to make sure they are comfortable and attended to. Jen finished her diploma in event management but really interested in art, architecture and a big advocate in heritage conservation. Something funny about her? She believes her jokes are funny. Call Jen when you are ready to make an appointment with any of our foot experts.



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